Sumo Deadlift and More

Foam rolling and ankle mobility work for warm-up.

Lifting heavier bells really fires up the heart-rate. We did this for 3-5 rounds. 

  • Heavy sumo deadlift - single arm  or double arm - 10 reps dbl OR 5 reps each single
  • Heavy goblet squat with perfect form - 5
  • Perfect Pushups for 1-10 reps or Perfect Hardstyle Plank for 30 seconds
  • Heavy 2-hand swings for 2x10 or straight through 20

Attempt a PR (personal record) for one of these lifts/movements at the end of your workout, such as one heavy sumo single arm lift or 1 perfect pushup or your heaviest ever Goblet Squat.

Training Tip: You should be strongest at the end of your workout if you are programming properly.