Pull, Push and Swing

Warmup with the TRX


  • Pull-up variation (deadhang, hang with scap retraction or flexed arm hang) - 30 sec - 1 minute
  • Push-up variation (on knees, negatives or perfect) - 10-20 based on ability - keeping perfect form
  • 2H Swing (moderately heavy) - 10 reps

3-4 Rounds

Movement Exploration:

Squat prying and squatting to different sizes of plyo boxes, rolling to back on ground and up to squat, pistol regressions

Cool Down:

Brettzel stretch and foam rolling 

Training Tip: Perfect practice makes perfect.

Double Bells


Arm Bar and Crooked Arm Bar and a few light TGUs.


Double Bell Snatch (lighter than Snatch test weight) after lockout go to racked position - 5 reps 
(This is for very advanced trainees only. Most go with a Single Bell Snatch.)

Renegade rows with pushup - 5 each side with push in between

Double Bell Swings - 10 reps

Double Bell Racked Carries - 10 paces down and 10 paces back

3-5 rounds

Training Tip: When you are short on time, but have high energy, double bells are extremely effective and efficient.

Sumo Deadlift and More

Foam rolling and ankle mobility work for warm-up.

Lifting heavier bells really fires up the heart-rate. We did this for 3-5 rounds. 

  • Heavy sumo deadlift - single arm  or double arm - 10 reps dbl OR 5 reps each single
  • Heavy goblet squat with perfect form - 5
  • Perfect Pushups for 1-10 reps or Perfect Hardstyle Plank for 30 seconds
  • Heavy 2-hand swings for 2x10 or straight through 20

Attempt a PR (personal record) for one of these lifts/movements at the end of your workout, such as one heavy sumo single arm lift or 1 perfect pushup or your heaviest ever Goblet Squat.

Training Tip: You should be strongest at the end of your workout if you are programming properly.




Go Heavy

Mobility work: 10 minutes: clubbell stretching, foam rolling

Warmup: Practice the following lifts with a light single bell (each side.)

  • 5 Heavy Dbl KB Clean and Jerks with good form (dip, drive under, lock out, dip on the catch, lock out again)
  • 20 HOH (hand-over-hand) alternating swings - heavy
  • Dbl heavy suitcase carries around the room
  • Hardstyle plank for 30 seconds

3-5 rounds.

Training Tip: Do fewer reps when you go heavier. Take more rest between sets to ensure good form.

With a Half TGU

There are so many ways to use the Turkish Getup for mobility and strength training. Today, we warmed up with some full Getups and then did a challenging set using Half Getups.

Set 1


Two full Getups each side with a light KB.


  • 1/2 Getup to Standing
  • 10 Racked Squats to Push Press left side (weight is light to moderate)
  • 1/2 Getup to Ground
  • Repeat on right side.

Total 3-4 rounds.

Set 2

Practice & Train

  • Windmill - 5 each side with light KB (working on technique / hip drive)
  • Perfect Pushups (leave one in the tank -- keep good form)

Total 2-3 rounds.

Set 3

Felt Like Play!

Swing Ladder (2-hand) You Go, I Go: 10-9-8-7-6 ... and 1-2-3-4-5 = 110 swings.

Training Tip: End your training session stronger than when you started.




KB Mixed with TGU Components

Single or Double Kettlebell Combo


KB Halos, BU cleans, BU squats, Good mornings, French Press

Intensity Plus Mobility

  • Cleans - 5 each side
  • TGU to Post - 3 each side
  • Press - 5 each side
  • TGU leg slide through - 3 each side
  • SA Swing - 10 each side
  • TGU bridge - 3 each side

Play & Cool Down

MovNat Tripod Transition on balance boards, balancing, lunging.

Training Tip: Slow down your practice and focus on the quality of the movement. 


Advanced Snatch & Swing

Had an advanced group this morning ... Nature Run before this so we were warmed up. If no Nature Run, 300 jump rope reps.

  • TGUs - 1 each, light, medium, heavy KB with a spotter
  • 100 Snatches - rest at 50 for 20 seconds, if needed
  • 100 2-arm swings - rest as needed
  • You Go, I Go - double swing ladder 10-9-8 ... 1
  • Clubbell stretch for 20 minutes

Training Tip: Listen to your body. When feeling good, go for it. If not, adapt accordingly.

Pull and Push BB & KB


Dynamic stretching, jump rope, foam roll


Barbell Standard and Sumo Deadlifts, sets of 5, stepping up weight to 80% of 1 rep max.


Reviewed and practiced the Barbell Push Press and Barbell Split Jerk.

Train x 3

  • Single-arm Swings (beginner: 2 sets of 10 and intermediate/advanced 4 sets of 10)
  • Tactical Lunge (10 beginner and 20 for intermediate/advanced)
  • Single-arm Push Press - 3-5 reps each arm


Dead-hang, DH with scapular retraction, chin-up, pull-up, towel hold - movement exploration - stay within your abilities please!

Cool Down with a Brettzel and foam roll.

Training Tip: Never go to failure. When your form breaks, put the KB or BB down!