How do you get started with us?


Initial Client Meeting

We'd like to understand your past medical issues. We will also assess your movement quality using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Scoring is 0-21 and it provides us with valuable information to help you move better. With this information, we can work with you to set goals and a game plan for you.


If you score below 12 on the FMS, or have pain, we recommend focusing on your quality of movement and getting any pain resolved.  If appropriate, you may be referred to a healthcare provider to get you out of pain and into our Fitness On-ramp class.

Fitness On-ramp

If you score above 12 on the FMS, and do not have pain, you are ready for the Fitness On-Ramp classes that teach you the fundamental movements and lifts you will need for classes and for everyday life.


Once you are moving well, and know some kettlebell and bodyweight movements, you are ready for our strength and movement Classes which incorporate a variety of Fitness Tools with stretching, lifting heavy things, metabolic conditioning and moving well.