Overcome pain and reach your goals.

We provide rehabilitation services to help people of all ages overcome pain and reach their goals.  We achieve this by following these steps:


1. Discover the Dysfunction

dys·func·tionabnormality or impairment in the function of a specified bodily organ or system

We all have dysfunction in our bodies.  However, some may have more than others and this can lead to compromised performance in sport/life and risk for injury.

Knowing this, we perform a thorough movement assessment using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, that helps us discover any dysfunction in the body.

Dysfunction in the body can present itself as:

  • Tightness in certain joints or tissues
  • Inability to stabilize certain parts of the body
  • Inefficient movement patterns/behavior

2. Eliminate Pain

As we begin to address any dysfunction in the body, we simultaneously eliminate any present pain.

Pain can be caused by many things and is nothing to be taken lightly.  It can cause compensations and increases risk for further injury down the road.

So we take serious efforts to eliminate pain through:

3. Restore Movement

As symptoms are eliminated, focus is also placed on restoring healthy movement.  

Utilizing the Functional Movement System, we provide clients with personalized exercises to promote efficient, healthy movement AKA Corrective Exercises.

These exercises are not about sets, reps, and weight lifted.  They are about promoting quality movement to ensure you establish healthy movement patterns so you can handle the stresses of life.

As movement quality improves, clients are encouraged to take on regular physical activity to continue to progress, such as becoming a MoveStrong Member.

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