New! MSK on Location: Online Group Coaching 

Need some training ideas for home, vacation or in your workplace? We recently launched MSK On Location to meet this need.

This is a free service for gym members. Non-members pay a small fee for access to photos, videos, in-depth kettlebell and bodyweight technique summaries and 2-3 workouts a week.

Post questions, photos, provide feedback  and interact with other members. If you haven't used kettlebells before, we ask that you train a few in-person sessions or FaceTime sessions with us to on-ramp to learn RKC technique. Contact Lori to enroll in MSK On Location.

Prepare for a Certification

If you are preparing for an HKC or RKC, I am happy to provide personalized coaching for you.

We will 1) focus on honing technique for the tested kettlebell movements and 2) preparing you with a physical conditioning plan so you are ready for the rigorous certification event and 3) Snatch Test.

We recommend 3-6 months to prepare for the RKC.

Contact Lori and share your story. She will be happy to submit an online coaching proposal to you.

Learn a New Skill, Improve Your Technique and Get Stronger

Online coaching is an effective method to get feedback about your technique so you can improve, refine and safely train to meet your goals.

We can communicate using email, video, Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime -- whatever works best for you.

Please Contact Us if you would like more information and pricing.