Initial Consultation

During our initial face-to-face meeting with you, we will get to know you, share our fitness philosophy and listen and understand your goals. We'll also ask about your state of health, have you sign a waiver, and we'll give you a tour of the gym and demo some of the kettlebell and barbell movements and let you try it too to see how you move.

On-ramp Classes

If it looks like our program is right for you, we'll begin with 1-to-1 or semi-private on-ramp classes immediately to get you comfortable with the movements and lifts before joining out regularly scheduled classes. On-ramp classes typically consist of 1-4 30 minute sessions, depending on your fitness level, experience and familiarity with the movements and kettlebell and barbell skills.

The on-ramp classes are included with your first month's membership, at no extra cost.

Once you complete the on-ramp, you can start classes. This is a monthly membership, so you can renew each month. There are not long-term contracts.

What will We Accomplish in the On-ramp Classes?

  • Use the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) as a starting point to assess your movement skills
  • Teach you specific movements that we will use in classes, such as the hip hinge, squat and lunge.
  • Teach you the basic kettlebell lifts and movements ... such as the deadlift, swing, clean, press, turkish getup and goblet squat.
  • Provide at-home stretches, movements and body care to support your progress.
  • Set goals, get to know you better and address any concerns you have about exercising.

If you are recently out of rehab, we'll be very careful to document what movements feel good, and what might fire up discomfort in areas that are still healing, and we'll adjust according to your needs.

Into Unlimited Small Group Classes

After the on-ramp session(s), you are free to go online and reserve a spot in any class and the number of classes you attend a week is unlimited. Even in a class format, we'll customize the programming to meet your individual needs so you don't do too much, but so you get just enough of what you need where you are now.

Learn Fitness Skills for Life

We teach you kettlebell, barbell, clubbell, TRX, stretching and body weight skills that you can do with us and on your own at home, at your work gym, on-the-road and wherever you'd like. We take a long-term view of fitness with an emphasis on safety and efficiency of movement. We train both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. We want to give you skills that will make fitness a life-changing experience for you.

Check out what some of our members are saying about their training with us.

About Weight-loss Goals

Some people come to us with weight-loss goals. We support your goals by teaching you safe and efficient movements that build lean muscle, improve cardiovascular health, help you feel better and energize and inspire you to make healthy food choices that fuel your work in the gym.

We also offer food coaching that is customized for you. This is not dieting; this is an educational approach to fueling your body for the needs of your life.

Please don't be deceived by gyms that promise you quick weight-loss with exercise alone. Other healthy habits must be formed and maintained at home and on-the-road to support the work that you do in the gym.

You need to eat to support your energy needs, shop and cook to eat at home, sleep well, drink lots of water, manage stress, find a work-life balance, stretch at home and get outdoors on occasion for a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us and we'll share more about our short- and long-term approach to weight-loss with a healthy, balanced approach.