Move naturally, get fit, enjoy the outdoors and feel like a kid again.


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Fitness Freedom

One of the things we like the most about teaching the MovNat fitness system is that it frees people from the conventional gym and the potential limitations of training in terms of reps and sets.

Yes, we can wrap numbers around what we do, but we prefer to train according to your goals and how you feel that day -- while we take advantage of what the environment has to offer us, both outdoors and indoors.

Movement Combos

You might practice some challenging movements and lifts in combinations (Combos) for a number of rounds, based on your skill level and conditioning.

We might also just move and explore our environment and that alone will be our practice, training and play.


Moving Naturally is completely scaleable, so families, friends, groups and teams at all different fitness levels can practice together.

For example, an advanced fitness participant might do very high vertical jumps on a rock, while someone just learning might practice broad jumps on the ground.


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Moving Well

Movements such as the foot-hand crawl are stealthly effective and, like most movements, require coaching, cuing and practice for safety and efficiency.

Climbing and Jumping

Climbing is one of the most taxing, but exciting activities for the body.

Many of us never have a reason to reach overhead in our daily life -- let alone have our feet leave the ground. It is a great feeling!

The explosiveness of jumping is  efficient cardiovascular training and an interesting, time-efficient alternative to running.

Natural Running

Some people like to experiment with barefoot and minimal shoe running and we encourage that. 


The impact of being physically active in nature cannot be overemphasized.

Many of us are indoors nearly all the time. Many of sit for our jobs, sit in the car to drive home and sit in the evening watching television. Too much sitting!

MovNat helps you get moving and get outdoors! People often describe our outdoor MovNat training as invigorating, exciting and refreshing. 



Lift / Carry
Throw / Catch


Before we progress to challenging movements or testing our skills with obstacles and challenges, we learn, practice and hone movement skill first.


A key component of this type of training is to challenge yourself in the spirit of fun. Through the 'playful' movement, you become conditioned.


We practice moving naturally in the parks and playgrounds near our fitness studio to take advantage of whatever nature has to offer: rocks, fallen logs. trees, water and more. The unpredictability of being outdoors helps us develop a mindful practice of movement. Contact us to come out and give it a try. 


Before starting a new exercise program, check with your physician.