Nature Run

We have added a new summer program on Saturday called the Nature Run.

This takes me back to my MovNat trainer roots with some light trail running, strength work in the woods using whatever the environment has to offer along with the fun of training outdoors in a group.

This started when one of our members, Laura Santagata, invited me to run on a Saturday morning before Strength class. So we tried it out on a park trail and really enjoyed it.

I used to run a lot, but when I when I discovered MovNat, barbells and kettlebells my world changed to a near obsession with strength and movement. Now, I am doing some barefoot running weekly and running to get to cool parks and playgrounds with gym members.

This week, the folks at Living Fit Columbus, including founder Teresa Gellenbeck, joined our MoveStrong members on a run to Indian Run Falls trail and home through RiverPark.

One of my goals with this new programming is to teach people how to use trees, fallen logs, rocks, hills, whatever is presented in the environment, to safely challenge their bodies in new ways while on a run.

This isn't doing pushups, situps or other 'gym' movements in nature ... but instead doing natural human movements that our bodies are designed to do, such as: jumping, climbing, crawling, balancing, lifting, carrying, throwing and catching.

I can't tell you how many fallen logs and stumps I have balanced on, lifted and jumped on the last couple years. It is great conditioning for the body and for the mind.

This type of natural, outdoor training takes us far away from our to-do lists, desk-sitting, televisions, technology and cars.

A few of us were talking about it today ... we feel like we did when we were kids -- free to run and play on a warm summer day.

Today we did some hand-foot crawling up a hill, tree climbing, jumping, and log shouldering along the way. I was really proud of everyone including one of our members who is new and gave the log shouldering a try. The Living Fit Columbus group was open to trying it all too and I think they enjoyed it!

I will change the route and activities each week to keep bringing in new physical challenges.

I am really happy with how everyone embraced the experience today. I challenged them to try diaphragmatic breathing while running, using a more natural stride rather than heel-striking, balancing while running and a little sprinting.

Want to try out the Nature Run? Contact me so we know to expect you.

Keep on moving strong, Lori

A Taste of Fitness Freedom

Saturday was pretty cool so I have to write and tell you about it. First, we had a MovNat and Paleo Meetup where this week we taught and practiced Efficient Running, Crawling and Throwing (rocks) outdoors.

Second, my daughter Sarah and her boyfriend Slade came in for their first session with me indoors.

Third, one of our bridal clients and her fiance came in from out of state to train with us.

What the three have in common is this ...

They all experienced Fitness Freedom.

The Meetup folks learned to run efficiently and naturally, the MovNat way ... and this is totally counter-cultural to our heavily-padded tennis shoe world of running.

We practiced excellent form barefoot, or in socks, to get the feel of the forefoot landing with an emphasis on posture, leg pull and the landing. Based on their feedback, it was a positive change in running form -- one that was quite eye-opening; it gave them something new to take with them and explore further in their daily lives.

Sarah and Slade experienced an indoor movement session with a mix of MovNat (climbing, crawling), TRX and Kettlebells. It especially resonated with Slade -- as an engineer whose job includes plenty of time working at a computer. I believe the physical fitness will be a nice addition to his life as he seeks to increase strength and have fun doing it.

Finally, Anthony and Valessa enjoyed exploring the Waterfall park with me through the practice of MovNat. The weather was perfect and the fallen logs allowed us to practice the deadlift, clean-and-jerks, crawling, balancing and climbing and jumping.

Their minds were open to all of it, and to experience it together, both indoors and in nature, was really special.

Here Valessa's testimonial about how she enjoyed training in nature and learning MovNat with us over the last month or so.

I can’t describe how much fun it is to teach these incredible people to explore their environment through simple, safe, efficient movement and to watch them learn, grow and unfold in new ways as their view of fitness changes.

On days like this, fitness coaching feels like the best job in the world because I get to help people have fun, appreciate their bodies, learn to move well in new ways, reconnect with nature -- and with each other.

Want to experience Fitness Freedom too? Contact us to get started.