The EatStrong Challenge

We are starting Week 2 of the EatStrong Challenge.

Our approach is to eat various meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, and those who tolerate and enjoy it, limited, high-quality dairy. 

For many of us, cutting out gluten is a new experiment.

We are not looking at this Challenge as a diet, but as an exploration of food and choosing to buy, prepare and eat foods that we like, are nutrient-dense and are not processed, or as minimally processed as possible.

We are developing a new awareness of what is in bottled, boxed and bagged foods by reading labels.

We are trying to plan ahead more often so we don't get caught without a meal or snack and then sagging in energy and enthusiasm for all that we want to accomplish in our day.

Building new healthy food habits takes time. And no two people will do it the same way.

That's why I don't like to refer to the approach as Paleo -- because there are so many versions of Paleo out there.

The main goal of this Challenge is to add nutrient-dense, satisfying foods, in the right portion size, that we love, are easy to prepare, and that help us feel, perform and move well with energy and vitality.

One of the great influencers of how we eat is our family.

We might sometimes need to take a different road than our family members when it comes to eating and feeling good. I know that my husband, son and I all eat differently, but live under the same roof. It might be that way for you in your family too. 

If you are a single person, you might struggle with with whether or not to take the time to prepare a meal for yourself at home.

It can be tempting, for all of us, to pick up prepared food on the way home, either at the grocery or at a restaurant.

Making that the exception rather than the rule will help you have control over portion size and the quality of the food you are eating.

Also, contrary to what you think, it is often more satisfying, faster and cheaper to prepare food at home.

Here are a few great recipes that I picked up from Paleo magazine. There are lots of other resources on the MoveStrong Food Coaching web page as well. Enjoy!