Countdown to the RKC

When my husband Al and I first started learning to use Kettlebells a few years back with Jeff Turner, we weren't sure we liked using them. It was awkward and we didn't know anyone else using them in the gym. But once we got the timing down, and realized how much they help build strength, power and endurance, we began using them more often and really enjoying it.


After receiving my MovNat trainer certification in 2012, I increased my kettlebell work and began training for the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) offered by Dragon Door, as a personal goal, but also as another business offering. The Kettlebell cert is also recognized by Pavel's organization Strong First.

Since then, I have really gone crazy enjoying and teaching the kettlebells -- more than barbell lifting.

Thanks to Chris Meredith, RKC (and our UPS  man) for his advice about preparing for the certification.

So now I am two weeks away from the cert and I very excited about the challenge.

I have been doing some private training with Dave Clancy, RKC II, owner of Blue Chip Athletics, to make sure my form is correct, and that has been very helpful.

Dave isn't really as mean as he looks in this photo.


So at the cert, which is at Dave's gym, we have to perform and coach the Turkish Getup, Clean, Press, and Swing (single arm and double), Squat, various KB carries, and of course, complete the killer 100 overhead snatches in 5 minutes.

I have been testing myself on the 100 snatches weekly for a few months now and I am under 4 minutes, so that is going well.

I am using the 26 lb. KB for the snatch, but I often practice the other movements with heavier kettlebells to build endurance.

Recently our intern Gabby Sinmaz ran the 1/2 marathon by only training with KBs and some resistance training -- no running -- a nice testimonial for the power of Kettlebell training for overall strength and conditioning.


So I am trying not to do anything stupid between now and the cert;  no falling out of trees, no overtraining, no getting injured and no adding new lifts to my routine.

I also did the Whole 30 recently to focus on eating nutrient dense foods, and by the way, the cert has a weight requirement. The heavier one is the more weight that must be lifted. So there can be no gaining weight for me between now and the cert.

I am looking forward to the challenge of learning from Master RKC Andrea DuCane, meeting other kettlebell lovers and sharing all of what I learn with all of you.

Back at 'ya after the cert! ~Lori