Back to My Roots

When my aunt and uncle visited recently from Hawaii, they stopped by MovNat Ohio to see the place and find out more about what I was doing. My parents were there too ,and of course I made the entire group of 70+ year-olds walk down to the River Park with me to better understand MovNat and how we practice it. My dad immediately challenged me lift a 400 lb. log, yeah right, but at least he appeared to understand what I was talking about. My aunt is very perceptive. On the walk to the park she commented “you must be so happy to return to your jock roots.”

What jock roots?

I haven’t thought much about how from age 10-19, I was Swimmer. That was it -- my whole high school identity, all that I cared about, my entire social life, everything was about swimming.


Lori the HIgh School Swimmer

It had also been my family’s main social life as my younger sister swam too, and we had lots of with out-of-town swim meets where we ended up becoming very close to other swimmer families.

I swam 3-4 hours a day, before and after school, trained on Nautilus machines (LOL) and had ‘visualization’ training with some psych major from The Ohio State Universtity.

My high school swim team, which I captained for two years, won State repeatedly and our relay made it to Junior Olympics. It was a great experience and I have lots of happy memories.

I then decided I wanted a ‘normal life’ and quit swimming when I hit college -- much to my dad’s dismay as he was planning on a swimming scholarship to pay for it.

At Miami University of Ohio, I immediately gained the freshman 15 and began running with my college roommates to get back on track.

I have been running on and off, along with trying other various fitness programs, ever since.

About a year ago I discovered MovNat and now I run using MovNat running techniques either bare foot or in minimal shoes. Running gets me to cool parks and playgrounds to practice MovNat.

So with my aunt’s insight, I now feel more like my transition from marketing pro to MovNat trainer is pretty natural. There have been a couple points in this transition where I feel a bit crazy -- scaling back a marketing business and ramping up a fitness business at age 50?

Sure, why not -- I can live in both worlds. A lot of people do.

Hopefully other former athletes will find their way to MovNat, get back to their jock roots, so to speak, and embrace something new, exciting and different in MovNat.

I think they, like me, will be pleasantly surprised at how naturally MovNat can fit into their lives.