A Police Officer's First MovNat Experience

Thank you Daniel Sparks' for sharing your recent MovNat Ohio experience: I was first introduced to MovNat by Robb Wolf's podcast, Paleo Solutions. I immediately knew I wanted to try it. The idea of moving naturally really spoke to me. After hearing Erwan Le Corre speak with such passion and making MovNat so relatable, as well as Robb Wolf's description of his experience at the workshop in West Virginia, I wanted to sign up.

I was more than a bit broken down at the time. Following a Paleo approach was helping, but I was not where I wanted to be yet. I wasn't as strong as I needed nor was my mobility in good condition. I thought MovNat was exactly what I needed.


I found a workshop near me and got excited. Prior to the workshop, which was cancelled, my life spun out. All progress I made stopped, and I had to start over. Unfortunately, MovNat was on the back burner.

I kept up with the blog and podcast, and discovered the closest trainer was at MovNat Ohio in Dublin, OH. I was visiting family in Columbus, OH and on an impulse checked the MovNat Ohio site. I sent an email to Lori Crock about hopefully training with her on Monday, but I sent the email the Saturday before. Much to my surprise, she responded the same day. A time was set and I was finally going to MovNat! So after less than two years of discovering MovNat I was finally receiving MovNat training.

I met Lori at 0600 Monday morning. My first impression was she was extremely fit and looked the part. She met me with a smile, which was impressive at 0600, and she got straight to business. She asked about my goals and what I wanted to get out of the training. This was want I expected from a quality coach.

After the paperwork and expectations, we got to work. She didn't just explain what to do in relatable detail, she performed the movements with me.

When the warm up and stretching was completed, we moved outside. She worked with me on jumping, throwing, climbing, lifting, running, balancing and crawling.

She explained everything and demonstrated the movements with grace and accuracy. Her strength was revealed with the ease in which she preformed all the movements and techniques. If I faltered on a movement, she had me make corrections and encouraged me to continue.


I had attempted MovNat techniques before based on videos off the Internet, but having Lori's coaching made a huge difference. I actually climbed a tree! I was able to make corrections to my movements throughout the morning. My mobility improved. My movements felt easier. I felt better. This was working!

In just over two hours, my approach to training had changed, and for the better. I would highly encourage anyone seeking to improve their fitness and health, to sign up at MovNat Ohio! Lori is an excellent trainer and coach. She has far more to offer than just techniques on movement. Her whole approach to coaching encompasses the total picture of health. I was very pleased and impressed by my experience.

After 15 years of Law Enforcement, and 11 years as a Defensive Tactics instructor, I believe MovNat Ohio offers great training which is completely useful in everyday life.

You will increase your strength, improve your mobility, become more flexible and truly enjoy yourself.

I highly recommend training with Lori. I am now hooked and I look forward to returning for more. I have been through several great training programs, both LE and civilian, and MovNat Ohio is one of the best.