Strong Member Spotlight: Joan Tussing

When I first met Joan, she hadn't moved to Columbus yet to babysit for her granddaughter. But she had some exposure to kettlebells in the past, and she wanted to add kettlebell training to her morning routine, to get stronger and to energize her for her busy days. 

I was so impressed that she was committed to doing the on-ramp program, and practicing the movements at home, even before she had moved to Columbus.

Joan started classes in November, 2014, and she has been a regular 3-4 days a week at the 5:45 a.m. class.

It has been exciting to watch her learn and progress in her hardstyle kettlebell technique, but also in her overall movement and strength. 

I am very proud of her progress on the Turkish Getup, swing, squat and most recently her KB snatch. She also excels at the barbell deadlift and has a personal best almost every time we train that lift!

I love how Joan shares with me how her training at MoveStrong Kettlebells helps her be strong in everyday life and especially to keep up with her granddaughter ... who is one and very active.

Joan always has a positive attitude and she is a joy to teach and to have in class along with our other inspiring members. She recently shared with us that she has lost 45 lbs. since she started her fitness and food journey!

Here is Joan's story in her own words ...

What do you like most about training at MSK?

As I reflect on the many exercise programs and activities in which I have been involved over many years, I would definitely conclude that my current training experience at MSK is the best of them all!  It’s the total package that I receive from my MSK training that I enjoy the most.  I am developing my skills in using Kettlebells which is both fun and challenging; utilizing total body muscle groups through a variety of strength building and cardio routines; working out with a very welcoming and supportive peer group; and probably most importantly of all, training with Lori Crock who is a top-notch teacher, coach and encourager! 

I love simply being able to go into the MSK gym at 5:45 and be assured that Lori will be ready to provide a dynamic, comprehensive, targeted, fun and energizing workout. I don’t have to think about what or how to do it—Lori will show me how!  Lori is very sincere in wanting to help each member and builds a sense of camaraderie, friendship and support among the members.  We are all rooting for each other and that really keeps me coming back! 

What changes have you seen in your body?

I have noticed that my body is more toned, balanced, strong, flexible and healthy. 

How does your KB training apply to your daily life?

Concurrently to training with Lori at MSK, I have been babysitting my granddaughter full-time who is in her first year of life.  The Kettlebell training has definitely helped me rise to the occasion of constantly being on the move with my granddaughter especially as she is learning to crawl and walk!  It’s also given me greater stamina to keep up with such a challenging routine as a 61-year-old woman. 

What else has changed in your daily routine?

For the past three and a half months, I have also strictly adopted a whole foods plant-based lifestyle which has greatly supported my Kettlebells training and total health. I have lost 45 pounds in that short amount of time and I know I’m moving much more successfully at Kettlebells because of that. Kettlebells, babysitting and healthy eating have been an amazingly positive combination of activities.

What are some KB skills or movements that you can do now that surprised you?

I have been very pleased with my ability to learn proper Kettlebells form. I know that I’m still in the learning process but I love the fact that my swing, squat, snatch and Turkish getup are definitely improving.  It’s fun and exciting to see who those movements help me in my everyday life and activities.