Announcing Our New Location

As I was telling one of our members last week, change is not scary for me. I love change. I seek it out or maybe it seeks me out.

I am very aware that not everyone in my life feels the same way about change, so my goal is to make change as easy as possible. My hubby Al might disagree with the easy part. His Easy Strength sure came in handy during the move!

It was also pretty cool that members in our Saturday class loaded and unloaded the kettlebells into the new space for us -- that sure made it easy (and we got some additional heavy carries in.)

Al, our son Ben, and friend Jeff Turner did a lot of work dismantling the gym stuff we had in the 1830s house. The old space has gone from a barn, to the town grocery, to an office, to a gym ... and a million other businesses in between.

MoveStrong Kettlebells is now happily settled into the new space with high ceilings, a beautiful floor, an awesome stereo system and a whole lotta space and stuff (that includes lots of kettlebells).

We are now privileged to co-locate within the 8,000 sq. feet at The Dance Extension at 4400 Tuller Road.

The owner, Tony Calucci, is a gem who taught our daughter Sarah to dance -- and that led her to dance at Indiana University and as a pre-pro dance student at Pacific Northwest Ballet and Nevada Ballet. She recently graduated OSU with a degree in Dietetics. 

Tony and I are excited about collaborating as we both focus on helping people reach their full physical potential through healthy movement.

So if you are looking for a new home to learn to move better, get stronger, have fun, up your performance in your sport and in daily life  -- with more strength, ease, grace and power, then we might be the right place for you. Come in and let's find out.

Move Strong and Move Often,