Quality of Life Coach

After people have been exercising with us for a few months, it is pretty exciting to hear some of the changes they experience, such as:  less pain, more energy, sleeping better, eating healthier, feeling happier, excelling in specialized sports, getting stronger and losing weight.

I sometimes think instead of referring to myself as a Strength and Movement Coach that I should call myself a Quality of Life Coach.

That is really why we add physical activity to our lives, right? To move better, feel better and be better to enjoy the rest of our lives more?

And if our fitness program isn't delivering that, then we need to look at our program and make adjustments.

If what we do in the gym has no application to daily life, then why do it?

This might be a shift in thinking for some of us.

Many of us start our fitness journey with an exterior focus and goals such as reducing body fat or changing how certain areas of our body look. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think people are often surprised when a fitness program delivers that and much more.

People start to move better with walking and running, they starting thinking about their posture, adding squatting and hinging to tasks they do in their daily life. They sit less often. They find opportunities to be physically active throughout their day. They head outdoors looking for ways to move in nature. They begin sharing their excitement with others.

Sometimes people will say things like ... "I had no problem gardening for two hours and then played with my kids for another hour, took a walk with my husband and still had energy at the end of the day!" Nothing makes me happier than to hear stories like this, so please continue to share those with me.

Last week I received this hand-written note in the mail:

Dear Lori,

This is Carol from your Strength and Stretching Class at the Cancer Support Community. I just wanted to say thanks for doing that class. We know it was an effort with the bad weather we had last winter.

For me personally, I think it was the first class I’ve done that has strengthened my lower back/surgery area. I have continued to be conscious of my bending and lifting and also I have taught my husband.

Thanks for doing the class as it was very helpful to me. Good luck and best success with your business.
— Carol, Class Participant at the Cancer Support Community

What I want to help people achieve is a happy and healthy lifestyle where they can be active and do the things (physical and non-physical) that give them joy.

By moving their bodies more often, and in a healthy manner, learning new skills with kettlebells and barbells that challenge the mind and body, people gain strength and a new body awareness that can be life-changing.

My over-arching goal is to enhance our quality of life through safe and efficient movement. I want you to feel good!!!

This is a win for you, your family, friends and employer. The better you feel and move, the better you can be for others.

So if you think that taking time out to exercise is a selfish endeavor, think about all the people who depend on you. Think about how a healthy and happy you can serve them well.

Giving you my best,