Are you a Chugger or a Sipper?

It sounds simple: drink more water. But somehow, in the fullness of our days, this can be a real challenge. 

Today, a gym member wasn't feeling that great during morning class and we suspected it was a lack of water the day before.

At noon class, another member said she had coffee (no water) all morning.

Here are some ideas about how to include more water in your day.

Choose a Strategy: Chug or Sip

First, decide if you are a chugger or a sipper. 

Can you fill a big container and keep it nearby and sip it over time? Or will you ignore it?

If you won't sip regularly, then choose to be a chugger.

A chugger pours a big glass of water or downs a whole water bottle in one shot. Then the chugger does it again later in the day.

I used to be a sipper, but now I'm a chugger.

When I worked in marketing, and sat at a desk often, I could sip on and off all day. In fact, I was really good about drinking water then -- better than I am now.

Now I am in a physical job coaching small group classes, so I am better off downing a whole water bottle at one time between classes.

Drink Water First Thing in the Morning

While my coffee is brewing, I am chugging a glass of water. In fact, for every cup of coffee, I recommend you double the amount of water you drink to counter the slight diuretic effect of caffeinated beverages.

Eat Food with High Water Content

I include more water-based foods in my diet than I used to. I have cantaloupe, berries and apples in my fridge at the gym right now. See this list of high water content foods.

Watch the Coffee

After that morning cup of coffee, don't let more coffee creep in throughout the day to counter a sagging energy level. Have water instead to better and (less expensively) fight fatigue.

Spice it Up

So water isn't exciting? Add some fruit like lemons, limes or watermelon. Add a little fresh rosemary or drizzle in some flavored vinegars (I use coconut or fig). Lately I've been adding a little coconut water for the magnesium and potassium infusion when I have two or three hours of classes in a row.

Set an Alarm

Your smartphone is handy for this. Set an alarm or two to remind you to drink water on a set schedule.

Ice it!

I am a much better water drinker when the water is cold and I love ice-cold water. So find a way to chill your water if that's what it takes to help you to hydrate!