My RKC II Experience

There are times in our lives when we know we need more knowledge and guidance to do what we do a little better each day. That's how I felt about the RKC-II certification ... because I think the best teachers always think of themselves as students first.

In May, 2013, I received the RKC-I certification in Columbus, Ohio, and since about November, 2013, I planned to attend the Level II for more knowledge, experience and most importantly, progressions, regressions and cues to be an even better kettlebell coach to my members.

I rebranded my gym with a kettlebell-focus in November, 2013, and I have enjoyed watching our members advance with the kettlebell skills, technique and conditioning ever since.

But I knew I needed to learn more from from real people who have a lot more knowledge and experience than me.

The RKC-II certification event was just what I needed.

With three instructors to eight students, we had a lot of 1-to-1 attention and the intimate setting was ideal for me and the way that I learn. Five out of eight of the participants were women and that was another nice surprise. 

The participants and instructors made the experience special because we had a lot in common. We are all coaching people and running gyms, so sharing stories and knowledge was extremely helpful. We continue to keep in touch.

The certification candidates and instructors were humble, open about their strengths and weaknesses, eager to learn and teach each other and we had a great time together.

At one point over the 3-day weekend, I was tired, and I remember thinking about all that led up to this. There was the physical preparation, rearranging classes at my gym, traveling to Chicago, figuring out food and logistics from the hotel to the gym, and then trying to be my best physically and mentally to take full advantage of the learning opportunities and to do my very best with the movement testing.

But I did it. And it was worth it. Really, really worth it. 

Now I'm back at my gym coaching people and slowly implementing the new information as it fits with the needs and goals of my members.

I feel more confident as a kettlebell coach with the RKC-II deeper-dive into kettlebell technique and coaching.

I enjoyed every minute of the experience and I am filled with gratitude because it has given me a roadmap to improve myself and to help others to improve and grow too.