Strong Member Spotlight: Cindy Ray

Cindy Ray had a birthday this week. She is now 65 years strong and there are no limits to what she can do.

She is one of the strongest female barbell deadlifters at our gym with her personal best currently at 190 lbs. Cindy had never used barbells before training with us and she loves it.

She also deadlifts the 150 lb. kettlebell easily.

She loves to practice her flexed arm hang -- which I think she could do all day.

Cindy tracks all her training sessions and is consistent in her training. She truly believes that what she does in the gym applies to real life. She and her husband Glen own a property that has plenty of outdoor projects and Cindy doesn't balk at anything physical.

I thought I was as strong and as fit as my body was able to be. Through Kettlebell training (and TRX, and MovNat and body weight training), I’ve discovered that my body will become as strong as I will let it get. And it’s pretty powerful to realize that I control the journey and the process. I’ve learned to slow down, something that has always been difficult for me to do. I’m also more willing to test and to try new things, whether in the gym or in my life. Zip-lining on 10 lines in Costa Rica is something I would never have considered 2 years ago, but I did it!
— Cindy Ray

But if you know Cindy, you know that the coolest thing about her doesn't have anything to do with numbers -- it is that she is a caring and positive person.

She is always the first to ask about someone's recent trip or to welcome someone new to the gym.

Cindy is truly a role model for us all as an athlete and a well-rounded person who enjoys life, family, friends and hobbies and does it with grace.