Become a Better Time Manager

It's simple. Start a regular exercise program, with a coach to keep you accountable, and you will begin to manage your time better.

There is no way to commit to an exercise program without managing your time well.

                           A recent Saturday morning group for class.

                           A recent Saturday morning group for class.

Our best-attended class is at 5:45 a.m. and those MoveStrong Kettlebells gym members are at the gym at that time because it’s the only time it fits with their work schedule.

But that means getting to bed early enough to be able to get up and function well in class and function well for the entire day.

They become good sleep managers.

They eat breakfast after training early, and they have a plan in place for lunch, dinner and snacks for the day so they can recover from training and come back the next day.

They become good food managers.

Gym members who come to the evening classes have to get out of work on time, or early, to make it in. Getting their work done, and knowing what can wait until the next day, makes evening exercise possible. 

They become good work managers.

For many who have desk jobs, exercise is an important outlet to keep their energy up all day. Studies show that exercise helps us manage stress better

They become good stress managers.

For those who live farther away from the gym, or those are driving to the gym at a busy time traffic-wise, some extra time and planning may be needed to get to class.

They become good logistics managers.

And for those who have flexible schedules, it can be easy to skip a day, but they don’t, because they see how this makes them even better for the rest of their life.

They become good lifestyle managers.

It’s funny ... you might not realize the relationship between exercise and time management, but I see it every day and I greatly appreciate the effort that it takes for people to make it in for class consistently. 

Keep up the good work and thank you for your herculean effort it takes to manage your time well to fit in exercise!