A Local Butcher Shop Gem

In a former life, I was a marketing professional who worked with small business. I am still passionate about supporting small business -- and I will go out of my way to support a small company who has a good product.

I’d like to introduce you to a Hilliard company that has an outstanding product -- Moseley’s Meat Market.

This is an an old fashioned butcher shop with heart -- all the meat is local-raised in the heartland -- from Ohio farms who pasture their animals.

If you are new to the quality meat world, you might want to consider finding and buying meat from farms whose animals get to roam, graze and eat the stuff their bodies are designed to digest.

I notice a big difference in how I feel and perform when I eat quality protein. My digestive system works better too.

Realize that grass-fed, wild-roaming meat cooks way faster (yay!) and tastes different (better, yay again!)

We think that Moseley’s meat is fairly priced and absolutely delicious.



Planning meals and grocery shopping is essential to maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle over the long haul. For me, it is stressful to eat out or run to the grocery repeatedly during the week.

Stress-reduction is my goal in all areas of my life and I hope for you too.

If I plan meals, and get good-quality food that I like into the house, then I cook at home instead of spending way more time and money eating out. Who knows the quality of food at many of our local restaurants.

Eating at home is a healthier approach for most of us a majority of the time. Save eating out for the weekends or as a treat now and then.


With a supply of good quality meat in the house, my week goes smoothly and healthfully. I can add in fruits, veggies into my meals from nearby farmer's markets. I keep a supply of nuts and seeds and some frozen wild caught fish on hand from Trader Joe's.

Food life is at peace.

I like the variety of meat I can get at Moseley’s and the 'packages' are convenient, if not brilliant, as they motivate me to buy more and I save money.

I pop the extras in the freezer or cook them up for lunch and breakfast. Again, my goals are 1) to eat high quality protein 2) not to have to eat out! 3) feel satisfied and energized by the food I eat.

I ordered the Fall Special this week -- which included a bunch of different types and cuts of meat with pork, beef and chicken, and it was fresh cut (that morning), packed and ready when I got there because I online ordered 24 hours ahead.

This will last hubby and I two weeks for lunches and dinners.

If you believe Food is Medicine, then take the time and choose wisely.