High-Energy Saturday

Saturday classes are off-the-chart fun. I can’t wait for Saturday -- great things, unexpected things, always happen.

The people, the energy, what will we do? A little of everything ... it’s Saturday; Saturday is always good.

Today we started out by exploring the edges of our stability with water-bottle Getups. 


What is stability? At times, a muscle may act as a stabilizer in order to allow a different muscle to function as needed during a movement. For example, the hip joint muscles may contract to stabilize the pelvis so that you can effectively engage the abdominals. Much muscle assisting, or stabilization, occurs in the Getup.

It’s surprising how taxing it is to maintain alignment and move through the seven steps of the Getup with a water-bottle on your knuckle. 

More mentally challenging than physical -- as you move in slow-mo completely focused on control and precise movement with each step.

Breathing, posture, speed, tensing and relaxing muscles at certain times -- it all impacts whether the water-bottle stands firm or falls.

So what’s it mean when one side is easy and the other side isn’t cooperating? 

Could be that some muscles aren’t firing or they aren’t strong enough. Injuries, even minor ones, can throw off our motor control and the ability to stabilize due to compensations and/or weaknesses. Even a lack of practice makes a big difference in our movement quality.

ann jerry colleen.jpg

The water bottle slows us down and forces us to really refine, focus and reset with each step. 

Yes, we are out of breath, sweating; it's exhausting.

It was actually a relief to move to the Getups with the Kettlebell and several members had personal bests after training the movement pattern with the frustrating water-bottle.

Our met-con today included KB push presses, MovNat climbing, exploring abdominal strength with ab wheel training, calming down enough to do single-leg dead-lifts and wind it back up again with high-pulls to swings. 

shelly sl deadlift.jpg

On Saturday, we close with 100 swings -- and kudos to our newbies for doing this so recently after learning the technique.

The thing about High-Energy Saturday is that we can do a whole lot more together, and we do it much better, than we would ever do it on our own.

The energy of Saturday is unmatched and it propels us into Recovery Sunday and Back-to-it-All Monday.

“Individual commitment to a group effort ... that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” ~Vince Lombardi