Exercise Builds a New Mindset

It is interesting to watch what happens when someone starts a regular exercise program. As changes occur physically, even bigger changes often occur in their attitude toward life.

Over time, regular physical activity has the power to help individuals reach new heights at work and in their personal life.

It has probably happened to you.

One of our members experienced this recently and I’d like to share some of her story.

She started strength and movement training recently after years of not being physically active. She gained confidence. She is consistently getting strong using Kettlebells and she is moving athletically.

She has set weight-loss goals for herself and has approached this with an “I can do this” attitude -- because she is on the road to a new lifestyle, not a diet and not a short-term exercise fix.

She used to enjoy cooking, so she started doing that again and she has found it creative, enjoyable and manageable.

She works movement into her everyday life nd her physical strength has proved to be crucial as life hit her hard recently with a family member who had a life-threatening illness.

She has stayed strong mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is seeking to reunite with friends and build deeper relationships in every aspect of her life.

She credits much of this to her regained mobility, physical strength and confidence in her body.

Her mindset has completely changed. She doesn’t see limitations in her life now, only opportunities.

Physical activity has this incredible impact on our entire being. I challenge you to go out and encourage someone to be more active; not for aesthetic reasons, but to live life more fully.

Check out this great article that discusses some exercise benefits for the body and the brain.

To summarize:

  1. It reverses the detrimental affects of stress.
  2. It lifts depression.
  3. It improves learning.
  4. It builds self-esteem and body image.
  5. It leaves you feeling good.
  6. It keeps the brain fit.
  7. It keeps Alzheimer’s at bay.

So if you, or someone you love, is having a tough time adding some physical activity to daily life, double your resolve and do it anyway to feel better and be better at all the things you have to do / want to do each day.