OSU CHAARG and Fitness Freedom

We took the OSU women’s fitness group, CHAARG, on a MovNat journey around their beautiful campus on Wednesday evening.

I don’t think they had any idea what to expect from us.

After introductions, and a brief summary of our favorite MovNat principles, we dove right into teaching the movements at various locations around campus. Keeping the energy up was easy with this enthusiastic and physically active group.

We started with tree climbing -- trees they pass every day they will now see as a movement  or fitness opportunity.


Some were a little fearful of  climbing up and others couldn’t wait to see if they had the strength to pull their bodies entirely up on the limb, traverse leg-over-leg out and jump down into a squat landing.

From there, Dustin talked about natural running and we practiced running along with the foot-hand crawl -- what we think is the perfect combination for general physical conditioning.

We learned that acorns can be quite painful when you run or crawl over them! Lots of giant oak trees on campus. We caused a stir zipping around the Oval at dusk.

Did I mention we had about 100 women in the group and they were barefoot for most of the training?

Then on to jumping.

We took over both sides of walls in front of the Thompson Library.

First practicing our landing ... and a take-off for the broad jump -- then jumping up onto the walls and then back down with a slap landing.


Then some balance practice and off we went to explore campus using all these new (reclaimed) skills.

More than a few times we were asked by a passersby, "What is this?

One CHAARG-er responded, “Fitness Girls!”

What? It's so much more.

We balanced on curbs, navigated around Mirror Lake (definitely don't want to take the plunge!), up walls, jumped ledge to ledge, rock to rock, with overs and unders, inverted foot-hand crawl down the steps ... I can’t even begin to describe all the interesting challenges the environment provided to practice moving with power, ease and grace under the lights.

I would say the women were hooked. I heard a few planning to do this during their small group fitness later in the week.

Others said she will never look at campus the same way again.

They loved the Fitness Freedom and we loved giving it to them before they become too entrenched in big-box fitness workouts.

So CHAARG on with MovNat playouts!


group photo.jpg