Our Mission is to Help you Meet Your Goals

  • Help you move better, feel better, get stronger and increase muscle

  • Teach you safe and efficient use of Kettlebells and Barbells and other conditioning tools

  • Use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to build a program for you to strengthen any weak links

  • Deliver creative and effective programming in small group classes with personal attention

  • Set goals, track them and reach them --- then set new goals

  • Build a skill set of strength, movement and stretching, customized just for you

  • Talk about lifestyle ... stress, sleep, hydration, time management and the impact on athletic performance and everyday life

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Get Stronger, Move Better

We are your personal strength and movement coaches, working with you in small group classes and in a one-to-one sessions. You will not come in and just go through the motions with us. We care about our members and we give you our ALL to help you improve in some area in every single session .

We are a Teaching Gym

We teach you about how your body moves and what muscles are engaged for optimal performance and injury prevention. We will help you learn a skill and perfect the technique before we increase load and intensity. You receive the coaching and conditioning you need to get you to your goals.

Aim for a Life in Balance

This is a long-term and balanced approach to health and fitness with with a goal of you leaving us with even more vitality, energy and enthusiasm for life than when you walked in that day. If this doesn't apply to real life, why do it?

Be Your Best

Our Core Values

  • Train with safety first

  • Be professional

  • Honor Your Body

  • Work with integrity

  • Help people get to their goals

  • Continue with fitness education

  • Do the right thing for each individual

  • Have fun while you get the work done!

Training Beliefs

  • Practice with perfect form whether the weight is light or heavy.

  • Don't train empty. Fuel properly.

  • Consistency is the number 1 rule of fitness.

  • Never save a rep. Your body is more important than the kettlebell or barbell.

  • What you do in the gym should be relevant to your daily life.

  • Train from the inside out. Do the work and internal and external changes will result.

  • Start now. Why wait till Monday?

  • Exercise so you can be your best in the rest of your life.

  • Be patient. It probably took a while to get where you are now.

  • Be free from conventional fitness. Get outside and move.

  • Find a coach who cares and ask that coach lots of questions.

  • Your brain needs this as much as your body.

  • Think about how your body is moving rather than thinking about the kettlebell or barbell.

  • We care for our houses, cars and kids; why not our bodies?

  • Training safely is vital.

  • Exercise can help pain diminish or disappear. Ask me about this.

  • Strong is a mindset of patient perseverance.

  • Listen to your body and adjust to what it needs today.

  • Exercising should energize you.

  • No pain, no gain is untrue.