Build dramatic strength, explosive power and cardiovascular endurance.


Train for Strength

Kettlebells are the ideal tool for all fitness levels to train muscular and cardiovascular endurance with explosive power.

One of the great benefits of Kettlebell training is the metabolic load it places on the entire body in a short amount of time.

Most people experience rapid strength gains and feel energized, not depleted, from Kettlebell workouts even after just a few classes.

Weight and Fat Loss

Ballistic Kettlebell exercises, such as the swing, snatch, and clean, burn fat and help build lean, dense muscle; studies show that Kettlebell training is one of the most effective overall conditioning methods available.

Quality Reps First

The quality of each rep is always more important than the quantity of reps. That's where good coaching comes in; we don't train to fatigue -- we'll keep you safe and safely advancing no matter what your fitness level.

Time and Space Efficient

You can use the Kettlebell anywhere, anytime. For example, in 10 minutes you can get a couple of rounds of Swings and Getups in and achieve whole body cardiovascular and strength conditioning.

Reinforce Natural Movement Patterns

Develop athleticism as you practice the natural human movements of lifting and carrying -- that our bodies are already designed to do. 

Build Bone Density

Kettlebell training increases bone density by placing safe loads on the spine and joints.

Train for Endurance

Build cardiovascular endurance with the rapid Kettlebell movements. Runners, triathletes, cyclists, rowers and specialized sport athletes can all gain more resilience and understanding of how their bodies move from kettlebell training.


The kettlebell is simple. No other tools are needed for training, although many people (including us!) enjoy cross-training with barbells and bodyweight exercises.

The kettlebell builds upper and lower body strength at the same time. We train indoors or outdoors -- to give you varied kettelbell training experiences.


The unique offset center of gravity of the kettlebell challenges stabilizer muscles throughout the body. Real power is developed by swinging the kettlebell and using the hips with the swing, clean and the snatch -- the dynamic lifts.

Back Friendly Movements

Kettlebells strengthen your glutes, encourage flexible hips, build back endurance and a strong midsection through a technique called bracing that  helps keep the spine in a neutral position. We also use the Kettlebell for rehab purposes based your FMS results.

Hardstyle Breathing

The hardstyle breathing creates intra-abdominal pressure to help create a 'shield' of strength that keeps the body safe during the movements.


Kettlebell practice requires intense focus and mindful attention to how the body is feeling and moving with single every rep. 

Owner and Strength Coach Lori Crock

Owner and Strength Coach Lori Crock



Front Squat / Goblet Squat
Turkish Getup


Use both for good. Relaxation allows for speed, flexibility and endurance. Tension yields strength and explosive power. 


Safety is always the most important factor in using kettlebells. Set the bell down before fatigue sets in. Never save a rep. Keep a safe distance from others. Practice perfect technique.

"Where RKC is concerned, safety and performance are the same thing." ~RKC-I manual


We teach Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC) hardstyle technique. Lori Crock is Level I and II certified with Dragon Door, the hardstyle kettlebell certifying organization. Read why I am RKC here.

We also host both HKC and RKC certification events.


Pavel Tsatsouline is credited with bringing the kettlebell to the U.S. in 1998. Dragon Door published his book in 2001 and started the RKC certification program that remains the gold standard of kettlebell certifications today.


Before starting any new fitness program, check with your physician first.