We use the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to assess movement quality so we can help you prevent injury and reach your full athletic potential.



What is the FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen was developed by a team of physical therapists and athletic trainers that assesses someone's quality of movement. Clients perform seven movements and are graded on a scale of 0-21.  FMS results can help answer some very valuable questions, such as:

Who may be at risk for injury?

Just like taking someone's blood pressure can show who is at risk for certain conditions, the FMS can show who is at risk for musculoskeletal injury.

What are someone's limitations and/or left-right imbalances?

Limitations (tightness and/or instability) and asymmetries can contribute to someone becoming injured.

What movements may someone be safe to do/not do?

This allows us to scale client's activity appropriately.

What does this person need to do to move better?

We call these "Corrective Exercises".  They are exercises clients can do to truly address their deficits.

How do we use the FMS?

We are FMS-certified and we screen all of our clients during their Initial Meeting.  We use the results to give corrective exercises and track progress.

What if I have pain?

We take pain very seriously at MoveStrong.  Pain effects how you move and your potential to get better.  If you have pain, you will be referred to a healthcare provider to help you get out of pain.