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We've Gotta Eat!

And so we have an opportunity several times each day to eat good quality, nutrient-dense food to help our bodies move, think and engage in the world around us in a meaningful way.

We look at food as medicine and we try to eat the best quality, whole and natural food we can to have energy to enjoy life and excel at work and be our very best for our family and friends.

No Dieting

The problem with dieting is, what do you do when the diet is over? Have you learned about ideal portion size for you, snacks that make you feel good, and how to prepare meals that satisfy you each day?

Dieting isn't fun or sustainable, so we challenge people to tweak how they are currently eat to reach their goals by making subtle changes over time.

Maybe cutting out gluten -- or some grain-based food each day. Or maybe switching to high quality dairy -- or reducing dairy.

Maybe upping the quantity of fruits and vegetables or eliminating desserts.

Maybe carrying healthy snacks like almonds and minimally processed jerky and some fresh fruit.


A Paleo Approach

We will share how we eat and our lean toward a Paleo approach for food selection and preparation with very easy (few ingredient!) recipes and food preparation methods. 

Nothing is hard and fast on the road to optimal eating -- the beauty of eating as close to the earth as possible is you get to experiment with some new ways to prepare food using fresh spices, eating what is in season and maybe rediscovering some foods that you love from your childhood.

This is an Adventure

Exploring new foods, and new ways to prepare food is just one aspect.

Managing portions and developing strategies to achieve satiety are important.

We can share our strategies for eating out at restaurants and social gatherings so that you enjoy the event and feel great the next day.

We'll provide you with some great local and national resources for you to learn more and to experiment with foods and cooking to make you feel better and move better.

This is truly an exciting adventure to explore new foods and ways of eating, so Contact Lori for pricing and to get started now.


Where Do I Begin?

Download this free e-book, with permission, from Balanced Bites.

Or start your 21-day sugar detox. We recently completed a Detox as a gym Jan., 2015. Some feedback from our gym members:

  • Better sleep and more energized.
  • No headaches in the morning.
  • Improved energy levels throughout the day Improved ability to go longer without eating in between meals Less desire to go out to eat...thus probably saving money in the long run.
  • Clean eating makes for clear thinking!
  • I lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. I accomplished this in a healthy way through exercise and a revised diet, without starving myself.
  • Less alcohol, fewer desserts. More cooking and planning ahead.
  • I lost 10 lbs and I'm more conscious of what's in the food I'm eating.

What Some Experts Say About Food

How Do I Cook It?

Visit Lori's easy recipe food blog for Unrecipes (simple recipes.)


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