Kombucha Fermented Tea

Kombucha fermented tea has probiotic qualities, so in short, it aids digestion.

Read this article about the potential health benefits of Kombucha.

Here are simple steps to making it yourself instead of paying $3.50 a bottle at the store.

1. Boil water in a pot that is 6 quarts.

2. Add 6 black tea bags and steep for 20 min. 

3. Add 3/4 cup of any type of real sugar.

4. Remove tea bags and allow the sweet tea to fully cool.

5. Pour the tea into a glass container and add a Kombucha starter, called a SCOBY. It looks like a giant mushroom. You can get a SCOBY from me or make your own.

6. Cover the tea / SCOBY with a paper towel and allow it to sit quietly on your counter for 7-10 days. Let the fermentation begin!

7. When it is ready (suits your taste and you waited 7-10 days), pour the Kombucha into a glass pitcher. I add a cup or a bit more of pure juice to soften and sweeten it. My favorite juice is grape, but a friend shared her Kombucha with me and she used Black Cherry - very tasty too.

Here is another reliable Kombucha recipe source .... 

Important Notes:

  • I drink only 4-6 ounces a day. Drinking larger quantities sometimes bothers my stomach and it might bother yours too.
  • This is a raw, living beverage and new SCOBY babies will form in the liquid over time. You might want to strain it when you get to the bottom of the pitcher. If you drink some of the slimy stuff, no worries, it is good for you!
  • Always use your best clean kitchen practices when cleaning container and utensils.
  • Always store the SCOBY in glass -- even when not in use making a new batch. You can store it in the fridge when you are not using it, or on the counter covered in a little liquid. If you don't keep making Kombucha, the health of your SCOBY can come into question. Discard if you haven't used it for a month.
  • Your SCOBY will grow. Share parts of it with friends or discard it (in the garden.)
  • The SCOBY lives off the sugar you add to the tea. So when it is fermented most of the sweetness is gone. If you forget to add the sugar, or are not adding it on principle, the batch will taste awful and the SCOBY won't be happy. Trust me, I have done this.