Stabilize the shoulder, stretch and hold positions to build strength and engage abdominals, hips & more.


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Stretch to Increase Strength

Maintaining and increasing our range of motion is important and clubbells help us do this with an offset center of gravity.

The clubbell is a nice complement to the kettlebell, because the club design and light weight allow us to safely move it around the body and hold at the knob (hardest), midhandle (intermediate) or near the barrell at the center of the clubbell (easiest.)

With yoga-inspired stretches, we move and hold positions with one or two weighted clubs in one or both hands.

The clubs range from 2-5 lbs. and the hold position on the clubs varies based on the movement and the fitness level of the student.

The clubs help stabilize the shoulder joint, engage abdominal muscles and other muscle groups depending on the movement or pose. They help us to align joints and lock and link muscles. 

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Benefits of Clubbell Training

  • Stabilizes joints, such as the shoulder
  • Challenges grip
  • Encourages good posture and alignment
  • Builds core stability
  • Increases motor control
  • Recruits hip and abdominal muscles
  • Supports kettlebell training principles (straight wrist, shoulder pack, wrist and elbow alignment)

How We Use Clubbells

We use clubbells for warm-up and cool down and in our Sat. Deep Stretching class.

We also use them between high intensity sets of kettlebell movements.

The clubbell stretches can also be helpful with post-shoulder rehab as they allow us to engage the shoulder from different angles.