Learn Barbell Lifts and take advantage of maximum body resistance with the TRX



Barbell Lifts

There is so much power and beauty in the Olympic and other barbell lifts. 

Practicing the technique with a dowel or training bar alone can be exhausting -- there are so many nuances to each movement.

We'll help you learn the lifts and practice them safely.

We use a combination of USAW and Crossfit techniques -- practicing with the medicine ball and dowel before ever loading you up with a standard bar and weight plates.

Efficiency of Movement

You will get conditioned by practicing the various movement patterns. Once the movements are efficient, you can try it with weight.


TRX row.jpg


The TRX is all core all the time with the ground-based and standing exercises that make your body function as a 'machine.'

Standing movements are great for warm-up, conditioning, stretching.

You can practice and train nearly any movement with the TRX, such as the squat, hip hinge, lunge, overhead reach, t-spine mobility, pushup, press-up, rows and more.

Because you can adjust your stance and body position to make it harder or easier, it is great for all fitness levels from rehab to advanced.

Floor based abdominal exercises can be quite challenging -- from mountain climbers, to pikes, to crunches, single leg pushups to variations of planks and more.





Deadlift (variations)
Military Press
Push Press
Split Jerk
Medicine Ball Clean
Clean (variations)

Snatch (variations) 


We'll never compromise your safety to teach you a lift. You might never lift a barbell, but that doesn't mean, for example, that you can't enjoy learning a power snatch with a dowel or a light training bar. If you uncomfortable with barbell lifts, we will substitute other activities to meet your needs.


Before starting any new fitness program, check with your physician first.