Practice, train and play with unlimited personal coaching in small group classes.


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Learn, Move, Lift

Our strength and movement classes offer you the opportunity to learn, move, lift, condition and train in a small group setting with personal attention.

Different fitness levels train together and we adapt to what you personally need that day. 

Positive and Collaborative

This is a positive and collaborative class experience that seeks to challenge you to reach your very best in every session.

Varied Fitness Tools

Learn, practice and train skills including Kettlebells, MovNatBarbells, bodyweight and more in combinations of movements for metabolic conditioning indoors and outdoors.

See what some of our members are saying about our creative programming and how our training has impacted their lives.





If you are interesting in joining the gym as a monthly member, we will schedule a no-obligations initial meeting at the gym to get to learn more about you and  your goals and if you feel comfortable, we'll start you on our on-ramp program to learn the basic kettlebell movements before you come to classes. Contact Lori to get started!

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Strength, Mobility, Stability

Learn ground-based mobility, stability and stretching techniques, exercises and body care that will help you increase strength and meet your fitness goals.

Hands-On Coaching

We'll coach you on the safe and efficient form and we'll stop, cue and correct you during class to prevent injury and help you achieve personal bests in every class - whether it is a technique improvement, lifting heavier, moving with more ease and grace or doing more work in less time.

Be Safely Challenged

Enjoy the energy of a group atmosphere with a very affordable investment in quality coaching. Train with others want to increase their physical conditioning, learn and be safely and consistently challenged by a coach who cares. You will see improvements in every session.

Contact Lori for more class information.

*We ask that your doctor clear you for physical activity before starting with us.



We are a monthly membership gym, and because kettlebells require some knowledge of safety and movement before you can participate in classes, our ability to include drop-ins is limited. Contact Lori for more information.


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Unlimited Coaching MemBership Includes:

  • Outstanding value with the cost less than $12 per class; this includes the monthly unlimited class membership, paid month-to-month; no long-term contracts

  • On-ramp at no additional cost with two 45 minute 1-to-1 sessions with Lori included with your first month's membership

  • Access to all small group classes (10 people max) - typically 17 classes per week

  • Customized programming based on who is attending class. No one-size-fits all workouts

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) baseline and followups as needed

  • Personal attention, cues and mobility work in each class; classes are only taught by certified kettlebell coaches

  • Ability to reserve for classes online and also track your improvements in every class using our online skills tracking program software

  • Goal-setting sessions with Lori

  • Time with coaches any time to address questions or movement issues

  • Access to free gym Special Events

  • Access to gym book/DVD lending library; kettlebell check out during holiday gym closure

  • Programming assistance for when you are traveling or out of the gym for extended periods

  • Access to coaches with questions by email any time; private Facebook group with workouts and coaching cues

  • Tee shirt

  • Contact us to get started!